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VibroAcoustic Therapy

Harmonic Resonance


Our Harmonic Resonance Therapy System has Six Paths to Destressing and Complete Relaxation

ONE: VibroAcoustic Sound Therapy - Sonic energy from the focused transducer array directly stimulates every muscle and soft tissue structure, intercellular fluids and lymphatic system, and all organ tissue with a mix of base harmonic cine tones, Solfeggio frequencies, soundscapes, and music from up to three input channels that allow for an experience that is as exciting, tranquil or joyous as desired by the client.

TWO: Magnetic Pulse Therapy - The transducer array on our platform directly pulses the brain and nervous system with a magnetic field perfectly synchronized with all harmonics and frequencies. A Tesla-inspired double-field energy coil is mounted atop each transducer to increase the magnetic effect.

THREE: Bioenergetic Resonance - The seven cine base tones encourage the flow of the subtle life-force energy up through the core energy centers located in front of the spine. The overall effect is to clear away blocked patterns of physical and emotional contraction, thus allowing a generalized experience of full body and mind relief.

Independent Supporting Information

Video Information a special study about DNA-inspired harmonics


Solfeggio Frequencies and their target effects -

List of Solfeggio Tones

and their benefits:

111 Hz Healing Calm and

Inner Peace

174 Hz Pain Relief and Healing

285 Hz Rapid Tissue Regeneration

396 Hz Releasing Gilt and Fear

417 Hz Facilitating Change

432 Hz Well Being Centered


528 Hz Promoting DNA Repair

639 Hz Enhancing Relationships

741 Hz Release Inner Conflicts

and Judgments

852 Hz and 963 Hz Increase

Intuition, Reconnect

Spirit Awareness

to Soul Consciousness

10000 Hz Pineal Gland

(Third Eye) reawakening

FOUR: Harmonic Resonance - The system's BETAR Tones use the lower audio spectrum range to deliver the enrichment function, a saturation of sensations that release blocked emotional energy.  The midrange harmonic boundaries (200 Hz up to 2400 Hz) are delivered through four floor and four suspended transducers bathing the client in harmonics that stimulate intuitive and instinctual response patterns that evolved in early humans - our survival spectrum.

FIVE: Audio Brainwave Entrainment (AVE) - Platform transducers integrate one of seven repetitive isochronic tones that are used for brain wave entrainment, in which your brain waves are made to sync with the frequency immersion you are experiencing. Synchronizing your brain waves to a certain frequency induces various mental states.

SIX: Additional Visual Entrainment (AVE) - Our system incorporates full-spectrum light energy to match tonal frequencies. An important objective of any brainwave entrainment is to produce a dissociative state, a meditation-like state of deep relaxation, and the release of long-held inner conflicts. The brain-body rehabilitative benefits produced by this deep trance-like state make AVE so useful for so many conditions. The dissociative state can be first observed by noticing deep and diaphragmatic breathing. Hands and feet become warmer as arteries dilate. Skin color will become pinker as blood flow increases throughout the face and body. Blood flow will increase in the brain as well. Clients experience profound relaxation and contentment as beneficial neurotransmitters are released into the brain. 

The Outcome - Decades of research indicate that VibroAcoustic Harmonic Resonance therapies help as an add-on to medical procedures when treating patients suffering from chronic illnesses.


VibroAcoustic therapies are not to be used as an alternative to established professional medical protocols for a diagnosed health condition. 

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Enjoy the State-of-the-art
Massage Chair developed by medical professionals for 15 minutes before your BETAR system experience.

What Inspired this Adventure

Gary and Linda Bonnell

We first introduced this VibroAcoustic Therapy system in Naples, Florida, fifteen years ago. We then introduced the BETAR system to Japan through the partnership company Gary Bonnell Japan, which we jointly owned with JMA, Inc. in Tokyo. There are now three systems in Japan being used by healing practitioners and spa owners. By way of personal experience and deep research concerning the subject of sound therapeutics, we have gained enormous insights into how wave-pattern harmonics assist the physical and emotional bodies in achieving lasting wellness. Our experience with the BETAR system continues to amaze us.


The hour session is designed for deep stress release and detox at the intercellular level. The results usually show immediately and can last for extended periods of time. Results do vary based on the individual's lifestyle.


The 1/2 hour session is usually a follow-up session to reinforce the results from a previous hour's Harmonic Resonance Immersion session. The harmonic frequencies used are designed to target a wider range of body systems - from soft tissue to organs.



We recommend a 15-minute full-point massage session on this amazing chair prior to your Harmonic Resonance Immersion or VibroAcoustic session.

Articles about the Effects of VibroAcoustic Therapy and Harmonic Resonance Immersion
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